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A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember

I stepped out of my car into a cold and bleak November evening. As I walk through the parking lot, the wind slaps my face like an angry girl. My bones ache from the cold. I approach the door and begin to open it. The wind pushes harder; we struggle against each other like good and evil. I pull it open enough to squeeze inside; then it violently closes behind me.

The warm air encompasses my body, and the rich aroma from the coffee beans flows into my nostrils. I remember why I love Starbucks so much. I look around the chic coffeehouse and notice the warm feeling the lightly colored wood gives the room. The light reflects off the glossy enamel of the wood onto the glasses of an intellectual looking girl studying and drinking coffee. Her eyes stay fixed on the book even as the wind brushes through her golden hair like the wheat of the Midwest. She raises her green coffee cup to her cherry-colored lips. She looks up at me, and I see eyes as beautiful as the ocean. I quickly glance away. I don’t want to seem weird.

I stroll to the counter to order my coffee. I casually slide my hands in the pockets of my old thrift-store blazer. I keep a half smile on my face as I look around. I want to appear to be full of life, a vibrant and happy person. I get my coffee and then delicately move across the hardwood floor, trying not to interrupt her. I begin to fill my cup with cream, but I can’t stop looking at her. Before long, my coffee becomes as white and pure as her skin, but it still has color, as does she.

I think about going up to her. What will I say? Can you just walk up to someone and try to start a relationship? What will she think? Will I be a dork for telling her hat her eyes are blue and cool like the ocean? Her eyes remind me of summers on the beach. I feel warm and comforted as I gaze into them.

I decide to talk to her. I start to walk over to her. My heart begins to pound and rush furiously like a train that will never stop. I breathe harder now. I tell myself not to be nervous, but how can I not be? As I get closer, I slide my fingers together realizing how much they’re sweating. I push them across the denim of my jeans, hoping they will absorb the sweat.

I approach the table; my mind goes blank. I try to stall by taking a gulp of coffee. It scalds my taste buds, and before I can think, I am showering this girl in a mist of coffee. I watch in horror as brown drops of moisture are absorbed into her red blouse. I apologize thinking I’ve blown any chance I could have with her, but I couldn’t be more wrong. She says, “It’s okay. I needed a shower today.”

Shaking with embarrassment, I say, “I’m so sorry; I’m just having a bad day.”

Then she says, “Why don’t I buy you a cup of coffee to make up for it.”

My heart begins to slow as I say, “Sounds great.”

We walk to a couple of armchairs that look as comfortable as clouds. We sit down and talk while enjoying the silky-smooth jazz playing overhead. I keep thinking to myself how wonderful this moment is. If heaven were not a place, but a moment in time, it would be right now. I?m sitting next to an angel. She has a glow and a radiance to her as bright as the sun. I want this moment to never end.

As the coffee house closes, and we are preparing to go our separate ways, I ask her, “Would you be up for a stroll in the park?” Eagerly she replies, “I would love too.”

 We leave the blanket-like warmth and protection of the coffeehouse. She starts to shiver, so I give her my jacket. She puts it on and then takes my hand in hers. I feel the moisture on her hand. We walk hand-in-hand as two nervous people wanting desperately to get to know each other. I wonder what will happen between us; I guess only time will tell.

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