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My Only Christmas Wish


Dear Santa,

I am a teenager who loves to write (and have been VERY good this year!). This summer I got involved with The Scene, a local teen paper that is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’ve made many great new friends (like Kera, Richard, Faith, Tucker, Kyle and Riley, just to name a few) that I never would have met otherwise. We’ve all become close and we have so

much fun every time we get together. We even have fun at the fundraisers and seminars we do, even when we’re just handing out papers, volunteering with CAST, painting windows or hanging out with Mr. D and Annette. But the best part by far is the experience I get writing. Without being part of The Scene, I would never have learned how to do a professional interview, what a Chamber of Commerce meeting was like, how a business works, or even how to get the word out about a new publication.


Okay ? now to my Christmas wish. I don’t want anything for myself this year. I’m not asking for a

million dollars, my own personal theme park, or a pony (which you still owe me, by the way. I mean, new socks and toothpaste have their place, but come on! Put the spirit of Christmas into it!). Back to my point? The Scene needs BENEFACTORS. SPONSORS. ADVERTISERS. Unfortunately, we are a business that requires more than a few wacky kids with their heads and notebooks full of crazy ideas. We must have money to run. Without it, the awesome newspaper that we teens have created out of a little inspiration and a lot of ink won’t be able to be continued.


Although it may seem I’m asking for a lot, it just takes a few people with some spare change and a desire to lend a hand to teens that aren’t misbehaving or being destructive, but who started a wonderful paper together. Santa, please help me find someone who wants the voices of tomorrow be heard. Help us find someone who truly wants to help in the development of young journalist.





P.S. Don’t forget your milk and cookies! Last
year you forgot to even taste them, and I cried
myself to sleep. Just because I’m fifteen years old
doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings, you know.

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