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The Great Lockdown of 2020

The Great Lockdown of 2020


We originally had a partial lockdown on March 14th of 2020. We were all excited to not have to come to school anymore in 7th grade. Little did we know that it was about to ruin our entire 8th-grade year. When I got the call about the shutdown, I was staying at my friend’s house. We jumped for joy at the fact that there wouldn’t be any more of the school drama or boy drama. We had no idea that it would be the most complicated and frustrating thing when we got back to school.

Summer 2020

The summer was horrible. I hate to say that, but it was. We couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without a mask on. In the summer, a mask is the last thing you want to be wearing. Summer is supposed to be fun and exciting and a time to see your friends. Lucky for me, I had a birthday in August. It was my 13th birthday too. I couldn’t do what I wanted for my first teenage birthday party. Instead, I had to go shopping with two of my friends with masks on while we were shopping. My best friend’s birthday was in July. I didn’t even get to see her on her birthday. Birthdays during a pandemic are impossible to plan. The summer was almost over, so we were all looking forward to getting back to school.

Returning to school

When we returned to school, it was really hard. From what I know, everyone was struggling with getting motivated for online schoolwork. Yes, it was easier having the zoom meetings, but we couldn’t do anything if we had internet issues. The thing about teenagers is we need to have social interactions to feel better. We get the feeling we are alone, and that takes a toll on our mental health. Many of my friends have lost all motivation to do anything. When you feel like you have no one to talk to, it gets difficult. You kind of just have to find the people who feel the same way as you and talk to them, and that makes you feel better. Something I have figured out is that talking to someone on the phone and seeing them in person is not the same anymore, and to get motivated, you have to wake up in a good mood, or your brain just doesn’t work as well.

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