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The Ultimate Cookout Milk shake


Once Cookout came to town in February, everyone lined up for a tray and a
milkshake, begging the question, what flavor to choose? To help anyone in this
dilemma, West Wind staff created a bracket and posted polls on Instagram that
narrowed the many flavors down to two top flavors: Oreo and Hershey’s
Chocolate. Oreo took the dub, as seen on the bracket pictured here.

Though the public had their say, I am ranking my top five flavor choices be-
low for those of you who don’t trust the bracket.


Peach Cobbler
While usually ordering chocolate-based flavors, I sometimes
mix it up with the not-so-regular peach cobbler to get some variety in my routine.

With its peanut butter chunks and chocolate ice cream, this
flavor all adds up to make it to my number four spot.

What can I say, M& M is possibly the most original (besides chocolate
and vanilla), but its M& Ms give it a unique flavor and texture, putting it
at the number three spot on my list.

Carmel the sweet flavor that honestly goes good with anything,
chocolate, peach cobbler, and many other things that make it come
in second place.

Hershey’s Chocolate
Chocolate is classic, simple, and guaranteed to taste good. It wins
every time in my book. Don?t mess with perfection.
Let?s be honest, I don?t think you can go wrong ordering a milk-
shake from Cookout unless you make an awful combo, like Water-
melon and Caramel, but I hope my list helps you to narrow the

Choose well!

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