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Teen Scene Writing Academy Summer Camp

This is a program being developed by Teen Scene, Inc. publisher of Cape Fear Voices and The Teen Scene. 


The Writing Academy is designed to complement the mission of Teen Scene, Inc. (TSI) which is to promote writing and business skills among teens. This program will allow TSI to be a partner with local middle and high schools and the home school community to help develop the joy of writing and prepare students for the future.

The roll out of the Writing Academy will be determined by demand from parents, schools and homeschool groups. The plan is to start with basic writing and study skills classes in the summer of 2021. Our plan is to continue on a regular basis with these and other classes as demand and community support dictate. 

A number of local business people have also offered to have presentations for parents and students on topics relating to life skills. These programs are only in the planning phase for now. Corporate funding will be sought by TSI to fund the program as much as possible and make it easier for all students to get the help they need.  

The Program 

Our first class will be held beginning July 26. Time and place to be determined. We have focused on two topics at the recommendation of parents we have spoken to in the area. Instructors for these classes will be professionals from business or education with a Bachelor’s Degree, at minimum. As we are able to grow, it is our intention to add math and science refresher courses. 

Study Skills – To partner with parents and schools to help students maximize the learning process. This program will help students develop and use study skills that will help them become successful learners. We will focus on learning styles, time management skills, organizational skills, note-taking skills,  and test-taking skills. 

Basic Writing Skills -This will allow TSI to be a partner with local schools and homeschool communities to help develop the joy of writing, as well as the skill of writing. Students who finish this course will be invited to become a The Teen Scene staff writer. 

These subjects often require 2-3 hours per week for a grading period. However, in the beginning the plan is to do the first course during the summer for one hour a day for a one-week period.  

With the support of local schools, we will adjust that to 2-3 hours per week for 6 weeks, if teachers feel there is a need. 

Costs – All students in middle or high school can attend. All students will enroll through TSI. The cost is $75 for the week. Schools participating in The Teen Scene will be given a credit of $500 to use at their discretion. Leland Middle School, which will be a pilot for this program, will be given credit a $750 credit to cover up to 10 students. With that credit, the Principal may award all or any percent of the total cost of the class for a student. The intent is to make sure that everyone who needs to participate will be able to do so. Class size will be limited to 6 students per class.

Proposal for Leland Middle School for The Teen Scene Club

The purpose is to have greater access to those students who love to write and are interested in learning basic business skills necessary to run a paper. Teen Scene will work to implement its basic mission to promote writing skills and business skills among teens.

Students will be assigned activities of basically running a Leland Middle School Newspaper for publication in The Teen Scene. We will meet twice monthly, in person or by Zoom whichever works best for the school.  Member students will be registered through Teen Scene, Inc and TSI will confirm registration with parents. As TSI staff writers, TSI also reserves the right to hold other meetings outside of school, with parent consent. These events will relate to public outreach, fundraising or covering events to write about. 

Students who are registered as a Teen Scene Writer and participate regularly in the publication of the monthly editions will be eligible for the annual Teen Scene scholarship program.

“Brunswick Arts Council believes in the power of creative
expression in life. Knowing how to find and assemble the
exact words opens our minds and hearts- as well as doors
of opportunity! The Brunswick Arts Council appreciates
and supports the idea of the Writing Academy and is excit-
ed to be a part of that effort.”
– – Marybeth Livers, Executive Director of Brunswick Arts Council

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