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The Hero and The Villain Part 2

  She reached the mountains that she had learned about when she was a child. They were littered with the ruins of castles that once held queens that reigned over the whole land. She and Lovien would fantasize about the kingdoms of old and what it would be like to live in such a different world. All of her instincts told her that Lovien had come there to live out those fantasies. Hooking her claws into the mountainside, Savoria promptly lifted and climbed her way up to castle ruins she spotted when she approached the valley. Her muscular arms held on to the cliff as she pulled herself up. Her eyes were met with the most beautiful architecture she had ever seen. She noticed some parts we​_re built onto the gothic structure with different materials. It was Lovien. He was there. She hastily made her way through the squeaking gates and down the decrepit corridor, noticing crudely hung abstract paintings and half-finished sculptures along the crumbling walls. Tears began forming in her eyes as she heard soft melodies being sung from the throne room. He was alive. She heaved the large, dark doors open, and gazed at him. He kneeled before the throne and continued to sing, unaware of her presence. Savoria mustered up her strength to speak. 

“Lov,” she hoarsely uttered through the tears running down her pale face, “do you remember me?” 

Hearing her, he bounced up, pulling out his sword, and lunged forward. Frozen, like she was at the incident years ago, she watched as recognition crept in his features when he met her eyes. To him, those jade glistening orbs were the most beautiful creation in the land. He put his sword away and stood up tall, squinting his eyes at her sternly. 

“What are you doing here Savoria?” he demanded coldly, “I don’t think you were invited.”

Savoria began to open her mouth in rebuttal but he stopped her with a raise of his hand, his shadowy cloak hanging down from his arm. 

“Don’t tell me you are here to bring me back. I know my people. I’m a mockery and disgrace.” 

 Savoria was hurt to think that he only knew her as a servant to the kingdom. That she didn’t come here out of her own free will. She began to ramble, “Lovien, I’m here because I want to be here. Too many years have passed without me hearing your voice. Seeing you every day was what kept life real to me. You always saw the real me.” Savoria glanced over and noticed his dark hand was still gripping his weapon. It was beautifully crafted with iron and small golden decorations rimmed around the handle. 

“Please,” she pleaded, holding out her hand, “let me be your hero. Maybe we can survive in this world together.” 

Anger boiled up in Lovien and he growled, “You think you’re the hero?! After what happened to me? Savoria, you are still convinced you are above me. Stop pretending like I am someone you love!” 

“Lov, I recognize that you’re upset and I know they did you wrong, but isolating yourself like this won’t stop the hurt for long.” 

Savoria could feel herself unraveling and her face hurt from crying. Lovien’s cold gaze burned right through her skull. Lovien didn’t want to see her again because he knew this would happen. He didn’t want to hurt anyone anymore, and he knew he was breaking Savoria. He then began to sense the anger and betrayal he had buried in his soul. She had broken him too.

“You aren’t my hero Savoria. You don’t know how it felt to be treated like I was and you will never know that pain. You have been praised your entire life and fate has left me with nothing.” 

Savoria collapsed on the floor, overcome with emotions she’d never felt before. “What about us Lovien.” She replied through gritted teeth and hot tears. 

Staring dumbfounded at her for a split second, he composed himself and he announced very quietly and controlled, “Stand up. Get out. Sometimes things don’t go as planned.” With this Savoria briskly got up and left, avoiding his eyes. Eyes that she would probably never see again. Once the hot sun hit her, her weight suddenly became too much for her and she fell onto the sandy dirt. The ground became moist with her sobbing as she realized her guilt would live on forever. She lost her only real companion and she was now alone in this world. For once in her life, she was not adored, praised, or validated for her acts. The consequences weren’t eliminated because she was strong. She watched the sun as it slowly set in the west, and that marked the beginning of her new life. A new life of living for herself, rather than for her people. A new life without living for Lovien.

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