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Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time

We all make decisions in life that we regret. We wish we made better decisions and wish we could turn back time and replay the situation over again. A moment like that happened for me in March 2012. We were still living in Harrington Park, New Jersey, at the time.

As some of you may know, I love walking every day. That evening I went out walking into town. I had decided to leave my cellphone at home because I thought I would not need it. That is a decision I would regret later on.

As I got into town, there was a lot of traffic that evening, so I had to cross the train tracks to the lower part of town. My plan was to cross the street, turn around and then continue on toward the reservoir further into town. 

However, at that moment, everything would change! 

A train came through town and then suddenly had a problem and stopped. So, I was stuck in the lower part of town. 

I then started walking in circles around the police and bus station, trying to find a safe way to walk home. I was unable to do so, as there was only one road I could use. However, it was too busy and treacherous as it was during rush hour traffic. At that moment, I made the determination that was nothing I could do, so I went back to the police and bus station.

After circling the police and bus station for a while longer, I decided to sit down on the bench outside the police station. I decided I would wait there until either my parents found me, a police officer saw me, or until the train was able to move. I was even going to sit there all night if I had to.

Luckily not long after I sat down outside the police station, my parents came pulling. Fortunately, everything turned out fine. They had to go up through several towns cause the train was blocking several entrances. 

As I look back on that night now, I credit myself for keeping calm during a difficult situation and did not try to do something stupid and risk getting hurt. However, I regret not taking my cellphone with me so I could have called home and told my parents what had happened and ask for help, and not to scare them.

In the end, a scary, stressful situation turned out fine. I learned a valuable lesson: Ever since that night, I always make sure I have my cellphone with me at all times. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

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