Judy’s Angelic Foods

Stan Washington

Woke up two mornings ago and did my morning things. I moved to in front of the bathroom mirror. I grabbed the toothbrush and added toothpaste. I inserted the brush in my mouth and started daydreaming while brushing.  I turned toward the mirror and noticed my image was not there. 

Whoa! I must have a defective mirror. I rushed to my bureau, and lo and behold, no image.  I was invisible. Now that is strange. I wondered was it the booze I had the night before? I go to the front door, and I see my neighbor walking.  Went outside and waved at him. No response. I picked up the newspaper and threw it at him. It startled him, and he began to look around. I was standing on the sidewalk and waved at him as he was looking straight at me. He could not see me!

I had always wanted to be invisible and play pranks. Over time, I was able to make myself visible again by my thoughts. I had it under control and was contemplating what I could do with this new ability.

I know what I could do. I loved Judy’s Angelic foods. I love the cakes and buns I picked up at their shops. I had heard they did something special to make them so desirable. 

I found out where their bakery was and planned an invisible visit. There were rumors about how they baked the goods. The internet had rumors they baked in the nude with only aprons to guard against hot items. Of course, this had to be nonsense. I can see the job description, “Bakers needed must be able to perform in the buff.” 

I made myself invisible outside Judy’s bakery.  I moved into the building, following someone through the doors. I made my way through the building and found the door into the actual bakery. I opened the door a crack and moved into the room, staying out of the path of large racks of baked goods being moved around the shop floor. 

One man pushing a cart had on a large blue apron and nothing else. It is true they were working in the buff. The whole crew was dressed (well, with an apron). I can see all the workers, women and men were dedicated to making Angelic foods. They passed me by, not able to see me. 

The extraordinary thing was they not only were naked, but they all also had wings like angels. Their wings continually fanned the air. The smells were amazing. I must have lost focus; I was visible and naked. A passing baker saw me and smiled. She turned and said I must wear an apron, safety first!