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New Game Show in Town

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Dan Dodge

There is a very popular game show on TV that people actually work their schedules around so as not to miss it. There are three contestants competing against each other in answering questions to win money.  The categories seem okay – history, literature, etc. Questions such as – in 1324 B.C., a mathematician developed the Quantis theory – what was his first cousin’s sister’s name? 

And, of course, all three contestants practically get carpal tunnel by pushing their buttons before the others can. Usually, the first person to push actually gets the answer correct! What kind of brain cells are stirred, who knew that information in the first place, never mind retaining it? Many times, I feel the answer creeping through the grey matter, but somehow it doesn’t reach my vocal cords. I usually don’t stutter, but when I watch this show for 30 minutes, the correct words just can’t come out. 

Therefore, there should be an equivalent show for “seniors,” perhaps sponsored by AARP or all those companies that produce products for, say, constipation. The show could be called “What’s Your Name” and would need to air after nap time but before cocktail hour. 

Yes, there would be similarities such as categories and questions but geared to a certain age group. For instance, history would remain a segment. The questions would go for money, the easiest being the cheapest and the more difficult ones for more money. 

Now I know y’all are burning to find out what kind of questions would be on “What’s Your Name.” Okay, here we go – First Category (our categories would go one at a time, so as NOT to confuse contestants) – History. 

First question please – what is your name? (Worth $250)

#2 – What did you have for dinner last night? (Worth $550) 

#3 What was the phone number for your last landline, complete with area code, please? (Worth $700)?

#4 What is your anniversary date, if married; what was your divorce date, if single; what is YOUR birthday, if none of the above? (Worth $1500). And lastly: 

#5 Which white SUV is yours in the parking lot? Your garage is not a fair answer. (Worth $2,000)

Category Two – Miscellaneous. First question – What is your best friend’s street address? No location descriptions allowed (e.g., two streets away in the green house, next to the blue house, across from the fire hydrant). (Worth $100)

#2 How many people have moved on your street and why? (Worth $300) 

#3 How many events have you planned to attend after 6:00 pm but decided, “Aw heck, I’m too tired? “(Worth $500)

 #4 What purchases have you made in the last month from the “big box” stores? Buying toilet paper and paper towels don’t count (Worth $1500). And lastly – the Big One:

#5 How many times have you misplaced your cell phone in the last week? (Worth $2500!)

I think you see the gist of the show. There would be plenty of sponsors because the home audience would appreciate the longer breaks for bathroom usage and refills of drinks and snacks….

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