Hollywood, You Give Love a Bad Name

Reyde Jones

Hazardous. Poisonous. Venomous. The following relationships have one thing in common: they are toxic. Hollywood just loves to romanticize unhealthy relationships: it’s a fact. Doting on couples that suffocate each other and are just overall wrong–Hollywood gives impressionable teenagers unrealistic expectations of their own future relationships. So Hollywood, if you’re listening, stop romanticizing toxic relationships.


Nate and Maddy, “Euphoria”


“You’re abusive, psychopathic. Most of the time I really hate the way you make me feel.”

Nate Jacobs has a specific list of qualities he wants in a girlfriend, and Maddy Perez just happens to meet them all. From the outside perspective, they seem like the picture-perfect couple, Nate showering her with expensive gifts and Maddy loving the attention. Eventually, we see their on-again-off-again tendencies, and the relationship takes a violent turn. They’re poisonous. They have a parasitic relationship in which they feed off each other’s jealousy. Despite their issues, Nate and Maddy just always seem to find their way back to each other.


Dean and Rory, “Gilmore Girls”


“Tell me when I’m supposed to pay attention again.”

Dean Forester seems like the perfect boyfriend. Polite, great with adults, and hardworking; what more could Rory ask for? Throughout their relationship, Dean frequently expresses his disdain for Rory’s grandparent’s lifestyle and often wants no part of it. This becomes a recurring issue in their relationship. Dean and Rory date happily for quite a while until Jess Mariano comes to town and throws a wrench in everything. Jess and Rory quickly develop a friendship, with Dean becoming increasingly jealous the closer they get. The biggest red flag in their relationship is how quickly Dean is to mistrust Rory. Finally, the biggest issue in their relationship is the fact that Dean believes women should be at home cooking dinner and taking care of their families. This is shown when Dean says that he believes that is what wives should do since that is what his mom did. Their relationship was doomed from the start, and I stand by that. #teamlogan


Ezra and Aria, “Pretty Little Liars”

“It wasn’t our age that ruined us, Ezra. You did.”

I’m not quite sure where to even begin with this couple as they have so many issues. The first issue with Aria and Ezra is the fact that she is in high school, and the second (and biggest) issue is that he’s her English teacher. I know what you’re thinking, how could they be this stupid? Eventually, Aria and the rest of the liars find out that Ezra has been spying on them from the start. He claims that this is because he wants to write a book detailing Alison’s disappearance, but that just seems a little far-fetched. Before this is unveiled, he is suspected of being “A”, the hooded stalker that has been tormenting them since season one. The real question is, how did the couple never get caught? In the later seasons, they stay together and get happily married. I guess if you love someone you make it work, right?


Chuck and Blair, “Gossip Girl”


“It takes more than even Chuck Bass to ruin me.”


Chuck Bass only cares about two things in this world: money and Blair Waldorf. Blair and Chuck are toxic from the very start; at the beginning of their relationship, he even went as far as to trade her for a hotel. By doing this, he just shows that he sees Blair as an object rather than a person. He only admits that he loves her once she pressures him, which is most definitely not healthy. In later seasons, Chuck pays off Blair’s fiancé to get “rights” to her. This is a major red flag. They end up getting married, but that doesn’t mean they have a healthy relationship.