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Best Laid Plans

As every southerner will attest, each and every element of any and all social events is of particular importance and a source of great pride. Having said that, the story I am about to relay about my cousin’s wedding is, unfortunately, completely true and worth noting to all who might be planning a similar event in the future.

On the day of my cousin’s wedding rehearsal, as everyone prepared to leave for the church, it began to rain, not just a spring shower, mind you, but the kind of rain that makes you remember the purpose of Noah’s ark. The day of the wedding the monsoon subsided and the sunlight filled the sky, but the organist was MIA. As the mother of the bride began to sob the wedding guest stood up and sang a most unusual version of the wedding march.

After the bride finally arrived at the altar, the priest engaged the bride and groom in reciting their vows. Just as the priest was pronouncing the couple as husband and wife, the bride’s veil caught on fire, but thankfully was safely extinguished by the Best Man.

The receiving line at the reception was quite long and while the happy couple received all the wonderful sentiments from everyone, the bride’s prepubescent younger sister was helping herself to the spiked punch.

The band was a huge success with everyone in attendance so much so that many of the patrons at the pub nearby crashed the reception and joined in the fun.

As the bride and groom made their way to the car at the end of the festivities, the bride turned to give her final farewell to everyone and received a mouth full of confetti and started choking. Medical emergency over, the bride and groom drove away only to make a u turn to retrieve their forgotten luggage. Not noticing in their second departure, the groomsman who placed the luggage in the trunk was now running alongside the car with the tail of his tuxedo caught in the rear door. Thankfully the groomsman freed himself and was unharmed.

I share this tale with you because it is important to remember that the particular elements are not as important as the recognition, in this case, of two people sharing in one of life’s treasured moments with family and friends.

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Karen Phillips Smith, Contributing Writer
Karen Phillips Smith is a contributing writer for Cape Fear Voices. She resides in Wilmington, NC.