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Caroline woke up with a sense of euphoria. Nothing could go wrong. . Conferences with parents should result in upbeat reactions. The five students whose parents were on her agenda were delights.

As she opened the front door to begin her day, a rush of spring air filled her lungs with that wonderful realization that winter was over. She and Tim had plans for the spring break.

“You look happy.” Her principal offered pleasantries, which she responded with cheery banter while walking to her room.

The looks of the classroom pleased her. Yesterday was time well spent. ‘Caroline hoped that the creative writings along with descriptive artwork from the five students’ would add to the mood of the conferences

In the rear of the classroom was a long table filled with all her students’ folders. ‘Maybe I should just have the conference folders of my ones today’

Just as she walked toward the table, she heard footsteps. As she turned around, she realized it was her first conference but a half-hour early.

“Oh Mrs. Jantry, I am so sorry but I have to take my Mother to the doctor this morning. Is it possible to have my conference early?”

“Sure Mrs. Defoe, Have a seat.”

For someone who had another appointment, Mrs. DeFoe kept the conversation going until not only her time was used up but the next conference participant was sitting on a chair outside the room, waiting. Caroline had to literary escort her out.

“Please come in Mrs. Crawford.
Would you take a seat by my desk? “Caroline walked over to her table and picked up John Crawford’s folder. As she turned around she saw a four-year-old holding her mother’s hand.

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Jantry, but I had no one to leave Jamie with.”

Bringing a four-year-old to a parent conference was, to put it mildly, not a good idea.

Caroline took the hand of the small visitor. Here Jamie, let me set you up with some crayons and paper. You can draw a picture for your Mom while we talk.

She took a small desk, added crayons and paper, and placed it near the long table with the folders.

Caroline was about to give directions not to touch anything but the angelic smile on Jamie’s face gave the impression that Jamie would sit quietly, drawing bubbly wholesome pictures to her heart’s content.

A foolish assumption!

The conference lasted even longer than the first and now two chairs were occupied waiting for their conference.

Jamie walked back to her mother, giving her a colorful sketch of mother and daughter holding hands. The two left.

Caroline set up her room a bit differently for the conferences. In doing this, she was not facing the long table. Jamie was absent from the two women’s view.

Big mistake!

Caroline walked to get the next folder. It only took a few steps few steps when it registered that chaos to the point of tragedy covered the long table All executed by Jamie.

Every student’s folder was opened and emptied. Papers were haphazardly strewn all over the table decorated with crayon streaks.

John Hanson, Principal, walking down the hall, noticed two parents sitting still waiting to be called. He opened Caroline’s door and found her sobbing hysterically.

“Come on Caroline, I don’t know how this happened but here’s a plan. Let’s bring the parents in here. You tell them what happened.

By this time there were three parents waiting

One of the parents looked at the upheaval and put her arms around Caroline. “Someday you are going to laugh about this. We’ll help you clean up.'”

John Hanson had comforting words. “I’ll call the rest of your conferences, tell them the story, and cancel them. We’ll throw all this away. Tomorrow’s a new day. Go home now.
Caroline was grateful beyond words. She learned how powerful friends are. A new rule was devised: only parents at conferences,

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