Delilah Miller, 8th Grade Cedar Grove Middle School 

Writing is a difficult task. You can rewrite a story an infinite number of times. You can write an endless number of stories, and every story you rewrite or write is an improvement on your writing. You might not think you’re improving until you look at previous writing, and there will be a difference. Many people may not realize their writing is improving until they look back at it. 


An example for me is that I wrote my first ever story last summer. Since then, I’ve written all sorts of things, and I wasn’t one to write stories that talk about feelings. When I eventually wrote my second story, I compared it to my first. There was such a drastic difference in the way I wrote, how I expressed things, my transition words, and just every little thing you would barely pay mind to while writing. So this is a reminder if you don’t think you’re improving and you’re a writer, just look back at some old writing; you’ll see a difference could be the smallest of things. 


The difference may not even be the writing; it may be the way you write it, the way you remember your idea, the way you think, or the way you see it. You can improve in so many things, and you are constantly improving. You will forever improve because there is no limit to improvement. You can be considered the greatest writer in the world and still need to work on improving. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO IMPROVEMENT, like I said and will always say.