Teens From Brunswick County Making A Difference

Margie Steve

Teens from Brunswick County Making A Difference

By: Margie Steve (Shallotte)

            Are you a teen looking for somewhere to volunteer, build friendships, experience great opportunities, leadership, and so much more around your community? If so the Anchor Club might be for you. The Anchor Club is a non-profit club where it focuses on community service and helping people within their community. Even when Covid hit and made it hard for the Anchor Club to find services, the club didn’t stop. One of the many few things they did was sending cards to local nursing homes to give to the residents due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Anchor club allows teens from Brunswick County to get active within their community and get new experiences. Courtney Weston, the president of The Anchor Club says “The Anchor Club is a special club within Brunswick County because they are focused on community service, giving back in any way possible, and to let people know that they want to help.” One of the biggest events Anchor Club helps out with is Surfers Healing located in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Surfers Healing is a nonprofit organization where they have professional surfers take a group of selected Autistic kids out and surf. It is a fun event for the surfers, the organizations, family, and is even more funner when teens from Brunswick County are involved and taking actions within their community. This year surfers Healing is on August 22-23, 2022, registration took place in April, but it is never too late to find out information about Surfers Healing for next year.

The Anchor Club holds other events like giving out Thanksgiving dinners, dinner meals, and even blessed a gentleman named Aaron who has C.H.A.R.G.E. syndrome with Christmas this past year. Courtney said seeing Aaron with joy is what defines our club, “we like to bring joy into people who don’t often get joy.” These are just some of many highlights this club does throughout the year and they could do even greater projects from supporters of Brunswick County and its teens. If you are an adult looking for a way to give back as well, there is also a club called The Pilot Club of South Brunswick Island.

The Anchor Club meets Tuesday of every month at 7 o’clock PM at the Mulberry Park Community Center. Anyone from middle school to high school can join the club. For more information about The Anchor Club or The Pilot Club of South Brunswick Inland, you can visit The Anchor Club on Instagram @212anchorclub and The Pilot Club Of South Brunswick Inland on Facebook by searching their name. Feel free to message them for more information for either of the clubs. The more members there are, the more missions and activities can be done here in Brunswick County.