Dan Neizmik, Contributing Writer


                           (Did a line or a verse of a song ever remind you of yourself?)

She sits by her radio, searching her cellphone,

For the name of that song she just heard,

She’d like to hear it again from beginning to end,

She says that she can relate to the words,

It stopped her in her tracks and it took her back,

To a time when she was still young,

About a girl from a small town who wanted to go out,

And see the world on her own.

She was young and so pretty and was bound for the city,

Everyone said that she’d be a star,

But, being one in a million had a much different meaning,

And her dreams only took her so far,

And the nights were so cold and the days were so long,

And her life was like a Radio Song“,

And she lived every word and she finally learned,

That small town was where she belonged.

Now, she still has dreams and her heart still bleeds,

When she thinks about what might have been,

But, her heart’s in that small town and there’s no place like home,

And she’s one in a million again,

When it’s your turn to dance, I hope that you’ll take the chance,

Even stars move around in the sky,

See the world on your own and search for where you belong,

But don’t ever let your dreams die.


Next time you sit by your radio searching YouTube and Google,

For a song that you think is about you,

Just know the choices you make, whether good or mistake,

Is the only way you find out the truth,

No two stories are the same we must all stake our claim,

As we search for our way in this world,

And the road that you choose is all up to you,

In your song, you write the words.


So, may we all find our way in this world, 

Choose a life filled with kindness and good, 

May you have all you need and hold on to your dreams,

May your faith ~ always be strong,

    Sometimes life is like a Radio Song

                                                  THE END