Non-profit organizations like Teen Scene rely on donations and funded grants to survive and keep their programs alive.


On April 28, Gerald Decker accepted a $500.00 grant from Brunswick Electric’s BEMC CommUnity program.   The grant recognizes the importance of establishing and maintaining Journalism Clubs in our middle and high schools.


Participation in The Teen Scene Journalism Clubs has been on the increase this year.  As we go to a new website platform, members of the Journalism Clubs will become more active in the actual production of their school’s page in Teen Scene.  In addition,  they will be doing podcasts letting everyone know what’s happening in their school.  


Teen Scene, Inc., thanks to the members of the grant selection committee and Brunswick Electric for helping us serve the students of Brunswick County.  Their motto, “Let’s Make A Difference Together,” is exactly what Teen Scene Inc., is all about.