A Sonnet for Bastille Day

Alan Sturrock, Wilmington


Author: Alan Sturrock

Injustice began it all–this motley band of French gypsies,
living the lies of the ‘settled peoples’ lives;
herded and bused to a Romany, far far away;
a movable Diaspora, ripped from Liberty’s cradle,
no advocacy, no representation, no rights–
so…history repeats itself to remember,
Santayana’s curse on a fear-ridden world.
The Danes*** had it right, everyone a Jew,
burgher and dame, from beggar to king,
while most of Europe recoiled, looking away,
from a mirror of learned helplessness, numb:
Thus history decants, from a sediment of hate,
another distillation of manifest destiny.

*** or so the legend goes