Come Hear NC at the NC Rice Festival

TeCora Galloway, Shallotte

Author: TeCora Galloway

Since the next North Carolina Rice Festival is not until March 2023, it is the perfect time to teach about the significance of the Rice Festival and some of its elements. Specifically, the Come Hear North Carolina program which made it possible for the Rice Festival to have its live entertainment and guests.


Come Hear NC is a program that was launched by the NC Department of Natural & Cultural Resources in 2019 following Governor Roy Coopers declaration that 2019 was the North Carolina Year of Music. According to their website,, Come Hear NC is dedicated to supporting North Carolina artists and ensure that they remain an important part of North Carolina’s culture. The strong emphasis on the past and present makes it possible for them to support ventures like the NC Rice Festival, since the music associated with things like golden rice, and the overall culture of plantations in the south is the basis for many music genres we listen to today.


At the last Rice Festival, Come Hear NC featured artists like Ian Daviz, Tina Smith, and Leroy Harper. The emphasis is on artists that are from North Carolina, marking the support of our regions culture.


Many government officials even make a point of coming to these events since it is agreed upon that protecting the arts and our history is important moving forward. Putting a spotlight on the past encourages people to lean into their culture and be proud of their origins. Walking around the rice festival, one could easily spot the Brunswick County Commissioner or the current Mayor of Leland, or even North Carolina’s Secretary.


Overall, the entertainment present at the Rice Festival makes it a truly unforgettable experience, and if nothing else you will be able to remember acts by Aunt Pearlie Sue or the famous Geechee Gullah Ring Shouters.