Why Write


Gerald Decker, Founder, President


Basic writing skills are so important to one’s ability to reach one’s potential in their academic endeavors.

An article published in 2020 by Easy Reader and Peninsula entitled “The Importance of Writing Skills: Why It Matters to the Student” gave five reasons why teens need more writing is important.

They are:

Because it Improves Communication Skills,

Because it Sharpens Creativity and Imagination Levels,

Because it Widens Knowledge Base,

Because it is Vital to Academic Success, and

Because it Increases the Level of Confidence.

It is a very short article and explains why each of these is important to the young scholar. Check it out at:


Sports are an important element in our academic careers. But could you imagine how good our writing would be if we practiced writing with the same intensity as high school athletes practice their sport? Many of them will never play that sport beyond high school. Writing skills will be needed your entire life.