Adriatic Odyssey


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You are my heart

Ashlyn Baldwin, 11th Grade, BC ECHS

Starting June 8th, 2022, I went on a tour group with some of my previous teachers and peers to Italy and Greece. The rigidness of a school environment was basically gone, and our tour guide, Maria Rouliou, was open to answering anything we threw at her. Traveling through the countries was like a dream I am so grateful for the chance to have. The two-week leave was a trip offered by Education First, or EF, tours through the Brunswick County Early College Highschool. Mrs. Brown, Mr. Brown, and Ms. Askue served as our chaperones, and I do not think anyone could be more ecstatic to visit Europe than Ms. Askue. All of our chaperones and guides were very easy for me to feel comfortable around, especially because I had Mrs. Brown and Ms. Askue as teachers beforehand. 

The main downside I found on the trip was how loaded our itinerary was with churches and Christian sites. I found the history and significance interesting; however, multiple stories were repeated, and some people were tired, both Christians and non. Our itinerary also included many late nights and early mornings, but when given free time, every hour of lost sleep was worth it.

Ashley Baldwin

Our group arrived in Rome on June ninth and spent two days in the city, but I loved Florence and the Tuscan mountains more (pictured above). On June thirteenth, my tour group made our way to Greece. Maria is originally from Athens and was ecstatic to give a tour of her country. In Athens, a large street filled with designer stores at prices much cheaper than in the states. The

Ashley Baldwin

mountains of Assisi and the Greek islands were beautiful. We went on a three-day cruise around some Greek islands, and there are not enough words to describe how lovely it was. The water was clear, and coffees were to die for. I think Ms. Smith and Ms. Askue were ready not to see me again after we arrived home, but all is well. 

Truly, a trip like mine is hard to summarize in only a few hundred words. EF made taking the trip so much cheaper, and I can not thank my family enough for supporting me. If you ever have the opportunity to travel, take it. No matter how near or far, there are always so many places to see and never enough time.