ECHS New Staff Members

New Staff Members

Kyler Terry

BC Early College High School


This school year, three new staff members joined the Brunswick County Early College High School faculty. Mr. Anthony Tantillo is the new vice principal, Ms. Kaitlyn Adams is the new American History teacher, and Mrs. Erika Foster is the new math teacher. 

Mr. Tantillo said that he looks forward to working with an older/more mature group of students who make academics a priority.  

Ms. Foster is excited to share her passion for mathematics with the Firebird family and wants to show her students that although math can be hard, everybody can be good at it.  

Ms. Adams says it has been a joy to teach and build relationships with the students here. She is excited to grow her career and participate in many school extracurriculars as time goes on. “The culture of the school here feels like a family.” 

Mr. Tantillo attended the State University of New York for his bachelor’s degree, then Mercy College for his master’s degree, and then the College of Saint Rose for his advanced diploma. While at college, he enjoyed being in control of his education and future, and he enjoyed being away from home for the first time.  

Ms. Foster attended the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW). A couple of things she enjoyed about UNCW were the small class sizes and the beauty of the campus.  

Ms. Adams also attended UNCW. She says that she gained a quality education and made meaningful relationships. “I loved being able to go to the beach, getting to know my way around Wilmington, and creating a community of my own. 10/10 recommend!” 

Mr. Tantillo’s favorite memory from high school is winning the battle of the bands’ event, where he played the bass guitar. 

Ms. Foster graduated from Davie County High School and Mrs. Absher’s son. Her favorite memory from high school is when her high school relay team won bronze at the State Championships. 

Although Ms. Adams found many moments in high school fun and memorable, her best memories came from either running cross country or playing lacrosse. She cherished her relationships with her teammates and has fond memories with them.  

Mr. Tantillo went to a professional wrestling school one night during his second year of teaching. He found the workout brutal, but he wishes he would have given it more of a chance.  

Ms. Foster once climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and she was a competitive swimmer from age 8-18.  

After Ms. Adams got her license in high school, she ran over a bear with her car. “I had never hit roadkill before and had no idea how to react.” She says that to this day, her family still makes fun of her for it. 

Mr. Tantillo responded with, “Pizza… no doubt about it!!!”  

Ms. Foster’s favorite food is macaroni and cheese, but she also enjoys Mexican food.  

Ms. Adams loves all kinds of food, but Mexican food is her all-time favorite.