ECHS Volunteer Progress

Grace Cairnie


Volunteer Progress

Grace Cairnie

 Sophomore at Brunswick Early College Highschool

Brunswick County Early College High School’s volunteer program encourages young adults to be involved with their community. However, due to the school’s rigorous curriculum, fitting ten hours of volunteer time a month is no easy task. Consequently, the students come up with unique solutions. 

Some students work together to meet their goals, such as a small group of sophomores crocheting blankets and clothes to donate to the Warm Up America Foundation. Other students choose to tackle their volunteer goals on their own. For example, they might take one of the many formal positions offered by schools, museums, and volunteer organizations. The other popular option is to help out their neighbors. 

Although most have figured out their strategy, the first month of volunteering had a rough start. Incoming students unfamiliar with how the volunteer program works, locating and setting up volunteer opportunities, and finding time to do the volunteer work were all hurdles that students had to overcome in this first month. 

After just a bit of chaos, the Early College students are now making significant progress in completing their volunteer hours goal.