Lonely Winter (Truly Summer)


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Genetic Syndrome and Genetic Disorder, 3D illustration of science concept. Colorful DNA molecule.

Faith Albert

My cold fingers grip at my flesh.

Wishing for an embrace to never come.

All of me is cold.

My eyes an empty, sad gaze. 

How long has it been?

Looking into your eyes only makes my coldness more prominent. 

I start to freeze rather than shiver.

That look reminds me of my own loneliness.

Wanting, wanting anything, receiving nothing. 

Do humans naturally crave others’ affection? 

I want everyone to leave me alone.

But do I truly?

I say, “I want everyone to leave me alone.”,

Meaning, unless someone will gaze upon me and embrace me as I wish, 

I will not want them.

Is that even fair to anyone?