Meeting Again

L. H. Simmons, 10th Grade, BECHS

I’ve met you again.

When I last saw you, it felt like forever had passed,

yet meeting your gaze anew was always soothing.

Your eyes, sweet and luminous, that sparkled against the sunlight, fell onto my bemused and vivid gaze. I longed for and cherished those days.

But now, here you stand. You draped in that simple but elegant gown with your curly mousy hair blowing against this lifeless breeze.

Yet I stand here, shocked by your presence and beauty.

You held your arms towards me, a sign of embrace waiting for closeness between the two of us.

Embracing you was what set me whole, feeling the soft skin brushing against my own.

It was something that brought those memories back from when your form was still awake in the real world, but now, I only meet them here.

Where is here? A dream is what I’ve called it for years now, but I was never sure honestly.

You took me out of my thoughts across these cloudy plains, dancing with bliss through the soundless ballroom you’ve brought me to.

It felt like before, back in our younger days with those oldie songs we listened to every night before.

The feeling of our hearts beating as one through these clouds felt extraordinary, one of our lives from before being more lively than ever now, this life being one I never care nor wish to leave without.

The lack of meeting you again pains my heart to pins and needles. I hate to lose this feeling you’ve brought to me again, the feeling of bliss and joy swelled when I awoke.

My dear love, let us keep these final moments of our being together till the sun’s light turns into dark light with soft glistens from these clouds.