Firebirds Reflect on What They are Thankful For


Kyler Terry, 10th Grade, BECHS


As Thanksgiving approaches, it is a time of reflection for many. At Brunswick County Early College High School, students and staff are reflecting on what they are thankful for. Firebirds are thankful for a variety of things, such as family, friends, food, and wellbeing.


Ms. Karen Feaster is thankful for the love God has for her family. She is also thankful to be a part of the Firebird family and she cherishes the relationships she made while at BCECHS. Even though Ms. Feaster is no longer at BCECHS, students like sophomore Mary Said are very happy that she was in their life.


Sophomores Eryn Greeno and Ariana Faya are thankful for their families. Ariana says that after moving away, she misses her family back home in New Jersey. “I do not see them as much as I want to and I now appreciate them being in my life more.” Mr. Benjamin Ford is thankful for the way his family would always get together for birthdays, events, and holidays and support each other throughout life.


Ms. Kaitlyn Adams is thankful for her boyfriend and the relationship they have been able to develop and nurture over the past year. Ms. Adams says that “He has really become one of my best friends and a ray of sunshine {in} my life. I am very excited about what the future has in store for us.”


Many students are thankful for their teachers. Junior Kitt Cooper is thankful for Ms. Adams because she makes learning interesting and she knows how to connect with her students. Freshman Daniel Smith is thankful for Mr. Elliot because he has a great personality, and he is good at enforcing rules.


The faculty at BCECHS are also thankful for their students. Ms. Lorry Henry is thankful to have a profession where she works with people she loves, including her coworkers and her students.


Sophomore Kennedy Harmati is thankful for the fact that her friends still hang out with her because she shares every detail of her life with them. Freshman Leah Pompey is thankful for her friends because they are nice and they are always there for her. “And they are pretty!” says Pompey.


Sophomore Allyssa Stepka is thankful that she finally has friends that are loyal to her. Freshman grader Lucian Vonhegenburg says “I am thankful for sophomore Lycus Cordeiro!” Sophomore Mary Said says that whenever she sees her friends, it brightens her day.


Many students and faculty are thankful for the fact that they have food on the table every day, which is a privilege that many people can take for granted. Freshman Gabriel Munoz is thankful for food, but he is specifically thankful for “water and mangos!” Ms. Henry is thankful for cake because “who doesn’t like cake?!”


Sophomore Hugo Torres and freshman Daniel Garcia are both thankful for their health. Garcia added that he is simply thankful for being alive right now. They both agreed that health and wellbeing can often be taken for granted.


It is evident that although every person is different and unique, they all have things in common, including what they are thankful for. Whether it is food or family, Firebirds have a lot to be appreciative of as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches.