The Presence


Leo Tidwell, 8th Grade, Leland Middle School


Alex and Antonio liked exploring the woods. On this day, they found a place they had never before explored. This was weird because they thought they had explored all the places in that town. But today was different. They thought about exploring the area but were unsure because something seemed a little off to them. After discussing it, they became scared, a new feeling over their usual super confidence when searching around their town. But today, they felt an uncertain presence.

The boys finally got enough courage to go in together. Alex and Antonio set off into the woods, hoping to find something worthwhile. As they were going in, they tripped. They stood up, brushed off their shirts and pants, and were confused about what had tripped them. They looked but never found what tripped them. They shrugged it off, thinking they had just tripped each other.

Shelbie and Amy also lived in a small town and had their entire day planned out with their favorite things to do. First, they wanted to go swimming; it was one of their favorite summer activities on a hot summer day. Afterward, they would eat at their favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, followed by a sleepover at Shelbie’s house.

The girls expected to see a lot of kids at the pool, since it was a lovely day outside. However, no one was there. They were glad they had the pool to themselves for a while to relax. But when the girls finally settled, they felt someone staring at them. When they looked around, they never saw anyone.

Meanwhile, as Alex and Antonio were walking, it started to get dark, and they began to hear thunder. They decided to call it a day and head back. They got lost in their conversation and forgot how dark it was getting. Suddenly they tripped and fell again for no apparent reason. This time was more confusing than before. They did notice it was the same place they tripped last time. They started to get suspicious. The two boys went to look for whatever tripped over even harder. Suddenly they heard a screech, a very stomach-turning screech.

After about an hour or two, Shelbie and Amy were finally ready to go to Olive Garden. They gathered their things, switched their clothes, and left. Arriving at Olive Garden, they were disappointed to see the place was packed. After ordering drinks, they went to the bathroom to put on makeup. The bathroom seemed more run down than they would’ve thought. Suddenly, the lights began to flicker. They started to freak out. They began to hear noises coming from the stalls. Suddenly, the lights came back on. The girls freaked out and ran out of the bathroom to find no one in the Olive Garden. They started to cry. They tried to look out the windows but it was pitch black. They tried to run out the doors, but they were locked. Then, the lights went out in the whole restaurant. That’s when they heard footsteps heading towards them faster and faster. Their heart was beating as they stood right there.

The search for what tripped Alex and Antonio was pointless and they started to get scared. They heard running footsteps that sounded like they were getting very close. They turned around and started running. The footsteps kept getting louder and louder. They kept looking around to see where they were but kept seeing the same things, the same looking tree with the scratch mark and the same footsteps that were theirs when they came in.

Neither the girls nor the boys ever made it home that night. The parents of the children were worried sick. They called the police for help finding the four; however, they were never found. They were gone, gone in the presence.