Leland Middle School Cheerleaders

Christian White, Leland Middle School-7th Grade


I’m interviewing the cheerleaders at LMS. I am a member of the cheer team as well. I decided to interview my “cheer mates” on cheerleading and their opinions about it. These fabulous cheerleaders would LOVE to see their names in a teen scene magazine! We hope you enjoy it! Thank you

  ←←(2021-2022 cheerleaders, not 2022-2023)



What is your favorite cheer to call/do? Why? 


Kaylee Hardaway’s favorite cheer to do is “Who rocks the house.” The cheer is very competitive and ambitious. It goes like this “They can’t do it like the tigers do it! Who rocks the house? Hey, hey, we rock the house! That’s right! Who rocks the house? They can’t do it like the tigers do it!”2x. I definitely understand why it’s her favorite!


What inspires you to cheer?


Justice Harrell states, “The people, loving/enjoying what she’s doing and learning new dances and cheers.” We’ve Finished and done 2 dances and at least 10 cheers to do now!


What do you believe is proof that cheerleading is a Sport? 


Jasmine Parker says,” Working out proves that cheerleading is a sport.” The cheerleaders practice tumbling, dancing, cheering, socializing, building friendships, and working the vocal cords to get louder.



What are the qualities a cheerleader should have?


Bailey Caudle says, “Respect for other people, being kind, and socializing are all qualities cheerleaders should have.” A lot of people would definitely agree with her statement!


What do you think you want to improve and work on as a team?


Cameron Knowles (The assistant coach) wants to improve and work on Jumps such as a pike, toe touch, hurkey, etc. She also wants to work on getting the team’s timing down for dances and cheers so that the team is in sync. Speaking of timing, ripples would be great to practice because the team definitely needs to work and improve on the ripples of each dance or cheer.


What made you get into cheering? 


Elena Bullock took a lot of tumbling classes when she was younger. She’s in 8th Grade and is still sticking with tumbling and cheerleading. All of the hard work spending most of her life tumbling and cheering made her one of the BEST cheerleaders on the LMS Cheer Squad!


“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.”-Albert Einstein. There are about 20 girls. They’re ambitious, considerate, and confident young ladies; they’ve come a long way and

LMSare the Leland Middle School Cheerleaders!