When Should We Start Celebrating Holidays: Student Perspective


Emmy Russ

ECHS Sophomore

Emmy Russ, ECHS Sophomore

Everyone knows the immense feeling of joy that we have around the time of our favorite holiday.   We all have felt the giddy anticipation of the day drawing nearer, the glee as we see more decorations being put up, and the excitement of being able to celebrate with family or friends and make new memories. 

So, the question I am proposing is: Why can’t you feel like that all year? People like to say that you “Can’t celebrate Halloween in the middle of July,” or that “Christmas was over three months ago, put away the lights.” But there’s nothing about these activities that is wrong, so why should it matter if someone chooses to celebrate outside of the accepted time frame?

Being able to celebrate whenever you want would reduce the hollow feeling that many people have the day after a big holiday, because they would know that the joy they felt doesn’t have to end. It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to cook a grand meal with family or friends and get together to eat. It doesn’t have to be Halloween to express yourself with a creative costume. It doesn’t have to be a birthday or Christmas to give gifts to others.

Of course, holidays will always hold their significance and be celebrated at the times when they usually are, but if someone wants to celebrate a few months in advance, it should be allowed without judgment. So, put up all your decorations for your favorite holiday now if you want to and wait as long as you want to take them down and buy gifts for the people that you love (or yourself) at any time of the year.

We could all use a bit more joy in our lives, so instead of just celebrating on holidays, celebrate living every day no matter what that looks like to you.