The Titantic


Isabella Billings, 8th Grade Leland Middle School

Isabella Billings

I don’t know what happened.

Last thing I remember, I was on this big ship…I can’t remember the name but mommy and daddy said something that started with a T. The ship was pretty, and now I can’t see anything.

It’s cold, and my clothes are wet.

My skin feels weird…like the leather on mommy’s bike seat.


The air is thick and tastes like salt. Even though I don’t think there’s any air at all.

I hear mommy and daddy calling for me, but everytime I answer they don’t respond. Do they hear me?


It’s been 3 days.

Mommy and daddy are with me now, but they’re not moving.

I think they’re asleep?
I don’t know…oh wait! I see a ship maybe they can see me!

Is that grandma? Oh! Grandma Grandma look here, look here! I’m here!

Why is she crying? Grandma what’s wrong? Oh wait…Hey it’s me! It’s- It’s me? And mommy and daddy! Wait where are they going? Don’t leave me again please!


It’s been 50 years.
They’ll be back one day.
I just know it!


It’s been 110 years.

They aren’t coming.

So many ships have passed me since that day.

5,000 to be exact.

I know i’m dead.

I’ve been dead all along.

So now everytime a ship comes through here, I bring it to the same fate as the “Unsinkable ship.”

The Titanic.