Ashlynn-Claire Morton, 7th Grade, Leland Middle School


The little town with the small men and women by the sea, they go running and screaming away from good ol’ Mystic. He comes up from the water right by their little town by the sea. When he rises from the water to take a breath you first see the two horns rise up from the sea. 

The people were so frightened that they sent ships to retrieve this harmless beast. The place the town’s people tried to make their home was his first. On the first sail no one came back. The second one was sent, again with no return. The town’s people only had one more ship left. 

The harsh winds were making the sails restless. All of the crew members were trying to sleep because of the long hard day of attempting to capture the sea monster; Mystic was the name given by the town’s children. He was a giant red dragon-looking, creature. A creature that had no wings but only a tail used only to whip through the water.  Exactly three horns used to be on his head, but now only two stand from the past attempts to put this beast down. Sharp arrows all along his bright red back, and scars up and down his giant red cover.

The boat couldn’t sit still from the rough seas. The crewmen were getting seasick from the rick…rock…back and forth. It was like a slow painful death that the sea had brought to the so-called “innocent” men but only gave them a wave at a time, and every time that wave came near it got bigger each time. 

Soon a sickness overtook them, with them coughing uncontrollably. Then you would begin to cough up blood. Blood that turned black the second it came past your lips. Warts would start to form on your hands. Then came an incurable itch all over your body, every crevice, even between the toes. As you went to itch warts spread from your hands to wherever you touched. And from one man the sickness spread to the rest. With the captain dying in the worst way imaginable, he had to watch everyone before he die, his friends, and family, then when it came his time the pain lasted for another week. While the others were just within one hour. 

Then on the last day of the captain’s suffering, the boat sank. So not only about to die, he was too weak to fight or even get up. So in the end, he drowned, during his last second, he saw the look of joy in the creature’s eyes. Bright yellow, with just a hint of green, eyes that were bigger than the captain himself. At that moment he knew that good ol’ Mystic had won the war.  Was it because there was a lack of men, or maybe the storm made such a small crack in the boat that it just now began to sink? We will never know, but in the captain’s heart that lays at the bottom of the sea, he knows Mystic wanted to show him his victory.