The Last Breath

Bailey Patrick, 8th Grade, Leland Middle School

Bailey Patrick

Me and daddy are going fishing today. I can’t wait. I love to fish, it’s so much fun.

It takes so looong to get to the lake but it’s worth it. Daddy says we’re close to the lake. When we got on the boat daddy let me help set up the fish stuff. Daddy helps me throw my umm.


I think it’s called a line, yes, it’s called a line. We sat there for what felt like forever. Daddy said he was getting us some drinks and he would be right back. Something starts to tug at my line. I call for daddy but he’s not there.


I don’t know where he is. I look all around the boat, but I still can’t find him. Maybe he went for a swim. I’ll just go sit down and wait for him. Something is tugging at my line again. I’ll surprise daddy and catch a fish all by myself. I try to reel it in myself but it is really strong.


I can feel myself slipping. My body hit the water. I don’t know what to do. I can’t swim. I try to scream but it doesn’t work.


I can feel my lungs feel up with water. I try to open my eyes, and I see a lady. She grabs my arm and pulls me down more. I try to get free but I can’t close my eyes and I think I want to take a nap. My eyes pop open, and I start to cough. I can see I’m in daddy’s arms.


He said something I don’t know what. My arm hurts a lot. It stings. I start to get tired again. I close my eyes to take a nap. When I wake up it’s so dark daddy knows I’m scared of the dark. I try to sit up but I can’t. I’m in a box-like thing. I’m scared. I can hear people from outside. I try to use my arm to hit the box but I don’t have one. I start to scream and cry. I want my daddy. I want my daddy. I want my daddy. Is what I screamed until my last breath was used.