This Small Business Has a Sunny Future


Emmy Russ

ECHS writer
ECHS Sophomore

By Emmy Russ, 10th Grade


It is a well known fact that the business world can be difficult to succeed in, no matter who you are. Despite this, a  junior at Brunswick County Early College High School, Taylor Sipe, has decided to dive in headfirst with his clothing business. Sipe started his business, Sunny Dayz, by selling clothing with his own designs, but has expanded to taking designs from other students and then transferring them to fabric for them. 

Of starting his business, Sipe said, “The idea for my business wasn’t really to make a profit to begin with. It’s because I wanted to do something unique and hoped to inspire others considering this to do what they have a passion for.” He is hoping to show that you don’t have to wait for opportunities to come to you, and can instead go out to pursue your goals on your own.

Sipe says that this business has already taught him valuable lessons, and he’s learned that “Time is a valuable and necessary commodity, and that it is important to build trust and relations with people.” Building relationships helps him to market to those around him, as he has the whole student body as potential customers. 

Lastly, Sipe says that if anyone else is considering starting their own business, they should: “Just go for it. If you fail, at least you’ll understand what to do better next time. Don’t worry about what others think or what anyone else says, you do you.”