Monster of Madness


Michael Hawkins, III, 8th Grade Leland Middle School

Michael Hawkins, III


Maybe it’s me; maybe it’s just my imagination.

Could it be I have slipped into the hole where people lose their minds

Is it voices I hear in the beyond, a growl, a grunt, a whisper inching me towards madness

or just you whispering behind my back


This stillness in the air, and then a shiver up my spine, an unknown beast staring over me

without making itself known

Perhaps it’s the people who look at me differently

The people who care more about what other people look like than themselves


The people who look into the mirror and recognize a person like any other

But when they judge other people that cast shadows on them, a monster

Create by selfish and unruly thoughts and actions

Whispering in your ear fantasies that are false promises


Until it drives you and the person who creates it mad

And this may not be shown but the corruption is strong and can swarm you if not appeased

But this can be greater still a challenge to face, a monster to fight

One compelling, kind, selfless thought can act as the barrier between you and total madness


May it be yours or others who wish you well

But know this a predator who is quiet and waits is far more deadly

Than one who acts carelessly and makes themselves known

Know this because madness, anger, and corruption can come from anywhere

And can hurt even the best of people