My Prince Charming

Isabella B., 8th Grade, Leland Middle School

When I was younger, I always dreamed of having a strong, handsome man coming to save me from danger, whom I would call my prince charming. I was naive then.

When I’d get a cut on my knee, my big brother was my prince charming.

But not my true love.


When I need a shoulder to cry on, my best friend is there.

But he’s not the magical fairy dust that will wisp me away to another world.

When I missed the school bus, my stepdad would drive me to school.

But he wasn’t my pumpkin-turned-carriage.

Though, I was still grateful for all of this.


The reason I feel I was “naive” was because I realized: “Prince Charming” isn’t always a prince. When I entered college, I was around 24 years old.

I met this girl…Sweetest I’ve ever met, God bless her soul. We were best friends instantly. But, one thing I couldn’t get off my mind was how beautiful she was.

Her hair is long and dark. Her eyes are a dark green color. Her skin is soft and dark, flawless.


I don’t know if it was the knots she put in my stomach when I saw her.

Or the way I felt my heart in my throat when she spoke.

But I knew one thing was for sure: I loved her.

That was the year I realized that Prince Charming could be a woman. When we were graduating, I decided it was time to tell her how I felt.


We’re both 37 years old today, and I plan to propose tomorrow. She’s still as kind and beautiful as she was back then.

And the best part is:

When I get hurt, she’s there to help me. She’s my true love’s kiss.

When I need a shoulder to cry on, she’s there to help me. She’s the magical fairy dust that’ll wisp me away.

When I need a ride, she’s there.

I don’t need a carriage.

She made my life fit for royalty with nothing but her love.