Rumi Bennett, 10th Grade, BC ECHS

I have no idea how it happened… it just did.


Five years ago, I was lying on my bed, my dog, Taco, laying beside me. The curtains covering the window nearby had been separated, allowing a view of the city below.


The streets were just beginning to fill with people and their pets as the sun rose. It seemed everyone was making as much noise as possible.


It would be like this for a few more seconds before suddenly… it all went quiet. Of course, if you didn’t factor in the animals’ barking and meowing.


A moment later, I noticed that there wasn’t any sound. I had gotten up, causing Taco to lift his head upon noticing me do so.


Tiptoeing towards the window, I slowly peeked outside… empty.


I remember walking outside, just… wandering around, looking for someone, anyone.


But I never found anyone.


I had spent 3 years wandering the city. After the first few weeks, I had gone to the local pet shelters to see if any of them were alive… Most were dead.


I expected that. I expected most, if not all, of them to be dead. So finding a cat just barely clinging to life was a surprise.


But I hadn’t cared. I nursed the cat back to health with no experience. It was a miracle to me and the cat, Bonita, that they survived.




The sound echoed throughout the room as I dropped the stuff I was previously holding.


There… right there was a brunette girl wearing a black and white checkered flannel with light blue bell bottoms I believe. The deep blueish-green color of her eyes only became clearer as she broke down.


I could only watch as she sobbed into her hands and she fell to her knees. It was impossible for me to understand her thoughts as ugly sobs emanated from her mouth.


After what seemed like an hour (like 10 minutes), they started to calm down… somewhat.

“Who… who are you?”