What Students Are Saying About Teen Scene

Tomorrows Voices Today

Gerald Decker

Tomorrow’s Voices Today

Gerald Decker, Founder, President


Every now and then, businesses will do a survey to find out how they are doing. After receiving several really nice comments from our Cape Fear readers and writers recently, we thought we should find out what the teens thought about our efforts.

This is a synopsis of the responses we got. We also heard from a surprisingly large number that they feel we should do more group writing and interaction with other schools. We are working on that.

The articles from the teens this year have improved significantly. Many of these writers are in their second year of our program with these schools. Most of the credit goes to the hard work of teachers like Ms. Askue (ECHS), Ms. Zell (CGMS), Ms. Pender (LMS), and Ms. Greeno (SBHS).

Writing for The Teen Scene, “…helped me become a more confident writer. I am a new writer with how much they helped me.” Malia Flaverney, 6th Grade, LMS

“I feel like this journalism program has made me more confident in my own writing, better at writing and maybe even a better student.”  Eileen Hartman, 6th Grade, LMS

I am interested in being a screenwriter. “This journalism program has done wonders for my confidence in my writing…” “I am seriously considering majoring in journalism …” Ashley Subach 11th Grade, SBHS

“I want to use this as some experience for my music career so I can write lyrics.” Josh McGinty, 8th Grade CGMS

It’s made me a better writer and a better listener. Baily Patrick, 8th Grade, LMS

It has given me confidence and I am writing more now than ever. It gives me opportunities to show my work to a larger audience. Atreyu Simpson, 7th Grade, LMS

“I feel like I am a better writer and person.” “I would like to be a writer one day and this program has put me in the right direction.” Elizabeth Ford, 8th Grade, LMS

“This journalism program really has helped me get myself out there, and be more confident with my writing.” Lily Bradley, 8th Grade, LMS

“The journalism program has helped me be more consistent on my writing and I now have multiple opportunities to get published. I do think I have gotten better in writing because of how much I am writing now.” Ashlynn Claire Morton, 7th Grade, LMS

“This program has done a lot for me! It’s made me feel good about my writing and helps me build my confidence. I am a better and more confident student and writer.” Christian White, 6th grade, LMS

“…I have become a better writer…because I now have a positive way of sharing my imagination and stories with others. I never really like talking out loud in crowds but since I have joined the Teen Scene/Cape Fear Voices, I have written over 10 short stories and 4 actual stories about adventure and action.” Michael Hawkins, III, 8th Grade, LMS

Journalism has made me a better writer and has made me more confident in how I write. “I think being better at writing has made it easier to do assignments ass well as helped me to give better answers and describe things better.” Kennedy Stone, 12th Grade, SBHS

“The Cape Fear Voices/Teen Scene has granted me the experience of publishing my work, which I treasure very much. I became a much more confident person as I felt heard—that I could use my voice to raise awareness and also give people some sort of entertainment. I think it also allowed me to become introspective, allowing me to explore my own thoughts and organize them into words better.” Arabella Ong, 12th Grade BC ECHS