They Never Deserved You to Begin With.

Lily Rae B., 8th Grade LMS

You were born beautiful but turned out a mess.
Destined to be great was what you were told, but you chose a dark shadow, and followed it. Now see where you have gone. What you have become.
As flaming stars rain down on the land and chaos spikes people’s fear, you stand in the ruins, blankly, your soul far from here.
Trickling tears have stained your dark beautiful skin which has begun to diminish away, revealing light, and your hair stands a mess as string from a yarn ball.
Gray flakes drift about you, and you watch as people run around, crying out for mercy. Lost offspring from their fleeing parents, never yet to turn back and collect them. People push others away, racing past family and friends, fighting for space to escape too.
The world was always a cruel, dark place, you thought as you watched the world you once knew be destroyed by inflamed rocks falling out of the sky.
Eruptions shake the sinned earth, the loud, heavy sounds rocking your world which you seemed to have toned out.
Your heart which never once pumped a lather of empathy instead washed your vision of the destruction with acceptance.
As you turn, you think to yourself, the world needed a new start anyways. Mankind was always ruined at the start. Humans would fight for glory and fame, impaining those who found were in their way.
In the abyss of your mind, plucks of strings and music of loft fills your head, a dark, wavery tune that could make your heart lurk.
But disregard is what you have chosen, after many dark turns throughout your life, just to end up here.
This world was never meant for you anyways.