Gods of Love: A Lost Mythology

A lovely mythology



Statue of Venus, the Greek goddess of love.

Josh McGinty, Journalist

So there are a lot of mythologies that all have different gods that symbolize different aspects of life. Some mythologies have gods of wars, gods of gods, gods of poetry, etc. But some gods that don’t get enough attention are the gods of love. I’m going to talk about a few of them in honor of Valentine’s Day. 

The Roman goddess of love is Venus who symbolizes Roman imperial power and beauty. Yes, the planet Venus is named after this goddess of love.

Benzaiten is the Japanese goddess of love who symbolizes love, beauty, music, and often rides a dragon.

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, and beauty. (Thiago Oliveira)

The Greek goddess of love is Aphrodite. She also represents love and beauty. 

There are many others, but I think that you guys and girls understand that in different cultures, the gods or goddesses that they celebrate, mean more things than just love. There are more meanings to the word love than simple affection that you feel toward someone. Like we love many things, music, art , dancing, eating, reading, etc. People, there are so many things, I can’t list them all! 

When people say that love is fake and that it’s just a chemical reaction in the brain and we don’t feel love like “that”. My response to them is, we feel love in the heart for different valuables in life. We have love for friends and family. We love our pets. We definitely love to binge watch our favorite show on Netflix or Hulu. We all love pizza and ice cream. Sometimes, we love that we have friends we can count on. Whatever it is, we can always find something to love in this life.

So on this Valentine’s Day, if you don’t have someone to love, then love something that you love.