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English Lesson

Multiple guess is always a gamble. But this one might pay off.

Taken from Barron’s ACT 2nd Edition by Giovannini and Prince

Correct the grammar.

The evidence that hyenas are more closely related to mongooses than they are to either dogs or cats is both surprising and indisputable.


b. dogs or cats are

c. dogs and cats are

d. dogs and cats is

If any college student wants to make sure of joining a rock band at school, you would be wise to learn bass or drums because singers and guitarists are a dime a dozen.


b. one

c. they

d. he or she

You should always be on the lookout for new opportunities, but one should also avoid burning bridges if possible.


b. you

c. he or she

d. people



$10 to the first registered Teen Scene writer who responds with the correct answer. $5 for the second person who submits the correct answers. ( Only one winner per school.)


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About the Contributor
Gerald Decker, Founder, President
Gerald Decker is a 4-year Navy veteran with four tours to Vietnam between 1968-1971. Gerald earned a Master’s Degree from George Washington University. He worked for nine years as a U. S. Senate staffer after college and later as a Senior Manager for a small business lobby organization. Gerald also taught Political Science at the high school and college levels. He is a certified trainer in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Gerald founded Athens/Oconee Adult Baseball, Decker Diamonds, the Leland VFW Post 12196, and Teen Scene, Inc. In addition to his work with Teen Scene, Gerald is founder and Past Commander of the Leland VFW Post 12196. The Post was the Mayor's Choice of Citizen of the Year in 2020 and was ranked #5 in the nation for 2022-2023. Since 2020, Gerald has co-written two books. The first was about his good friend and WWII veteran Alex Moskowitz. The second was published by Teen Scene, Inc. in Oct. 2021, entitled "The Great Lockdown of 2020: An Anthology." Gerald is still married to his high school girlfriend (55 years) and has two children and three grandchildren. Following a 15-year hobby of playing catcher in a men’s adult fast-pitch baseball league, his hobbies now include heating pads, grandchildren, and genealogy. Teen Scene and VFW are not hobbies. They are passions.

Comments (2)

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  • K

    Kaleigh "Liv" BennettDec 1, 2023 at 12:22 pm

    A, B, B

    • A

      adviserDec 1, 2023 at 3:38 pm

      Thank you for reading The Teen Scene that closely. Unfortunately, one of your answers is not correct. But thanks for trying.