Ashlynn-Claire Morton, 7th Grade Leland Middle School

Ashlynn-Claire Morton

Everyone thinks they know me,

And they do, to a certain degree

I’m not that complex or hard to understand

Just misunderstood, for I am only a tiny strand,

In this great big world that holds all things,

For it allows people to spread their wings

But not without a price or an equal trade

Those who don’t want to give something up are alone and afraid

But with that greed comes a great loss

For the world is balanced, and everything has to cross

Those who we look up to are no different from you and I,

They just know how to get by,

In the great big world that’ll drag you down,

Your mind just has to hold a crown,

That you wear on your head and wear with great pride

For when you die, you will be gone, a myth, not remembered

The world is very short tempered

So the people who live alongside you will tell your story,

Would you want your story to be sad

or full of glory?