The Impact of School Lunch – Student Perspective

Nathanial Brown, 10th Grade BC ECHS

Author: Nathanial Brown (Nathanial Brown)


There’s no debate that students learn better when they aren’t hungry. Here in Brunswick County, all students have access to free lunch and breakfast everyday. While I might not eat school lunch everyday it is nice to know that if I want or need to I can walk down to the cafeteria and enjoy whatever they may be serving on any given day.


Not only does our cafeteria staff serve many amazing meals to our students, they also prepare options for students with allergies like the Peanut Butter & Jelly Munchie Packs, which contain an Uncrustable sandwich, a cheese stick, and some form of bagged item like chips. The cafeteria staff also provides special holiday meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas that usually include turkey, mashed potatoes, and all the fixins. 


At Early College, students are also able to get free cafeteria breakfast through the second chance breakfast program in between first and second period. This program is available to students thanks to our Program Coordinator at ECHS, Kathrine Weeks, who wrote the teacher perspective on school lunch this month.


I am very thankful that all the students of Brunswick County, including myself, have access to free lunch and breakfast everyday! This couldn’t be possible without our amazing cafeteria staff!