Tormented By Love

L. H. Simmons, 10th Grade BC ECHS



It was always something I could never understand after losing her.

It seemed as if understanding this feeling again was pointless, really, it didn’t feel right.

I miss the longing days she held me in her arms, the feeling of being picked up in such a way I could never recreate by any other’s hands.

Oh, how I long to feel that smooth touch along my skin. The feeling of warmth that melted the icy feel of my own skin in these cold months.

But now, these chilled months have increased my body in this box of frozen loneliness, slowly growing with the lack of warmth to soothe my aching body.

I’ve rested here for thousands of years, isolating myself from these mortal plans.

I stalk those mortals with their partners, who radiated their forms of affection to another. The warmth I saw from their bodies increased from the other’s touch.

I envy them.

I envy those mere mortals who, by humane means, can live and thrive with those they call lovers for years while I sit here: lonely and deprived of the warm touch my lady gave me.

They cause me such antagonizing stress.

Prancing around with their lovers while I hide and bear the fall of my own, loathing their interactions between each other… It pains my heart.

It causes such a feeling of breaking inside my chest, feeling as if the glass of heart I once had is creaking from these sights, time and time again.

Oh, Furina… A woman who stole this breaking heart years ago from a god I thrive at being.