ECHS School Dance


Recently SGA and its officials got a huge shoutout for hosting a recent Valentine’s Day school dance. Everyone had a great time and looked fantastic, people were on the dance floor all night and had an amazing time spending time with their peers. Even Mrs. Absher got out on the dance floor!

Student Nathanial Brown, who’s also a part of the SGA club said that he was, “Glad the dance came out better than what people expected”. He also added how very proud he was of SGA and himself for putting this event together and creating a great time for our students. Students that went to the event said they also all had an amazing time, dancing, singing to the music, spending time with peers and creating amazing memories. 

Couples even had a great time, creating special memories and dancing to slow songs. Pictures were even taken and they turned out great! People were laughing and smiling. Student Summer Scott even says that “although I was a bit shy, I still had a good time dancing”. Students of all personalities, whether they were shy or outgoing, they all had a great time interacting with their peers and creating great memories. 

In conclusion, the dance was a great success, administrators even had a great time! These experiences are always a great idea, and they help make new memories. It was great to see students get out of their comfort zone and get up and dance!

Yazmine Franco-Santana

Almost everyone was dancing at the end of the night!

Student couple, Summer Scott and Hayden Fisher having an amazing time and enjoying each other’s company.