Don’t Go Back; Stay Here

Dont Go Back; Stay Here

Josh McGinty, 8th Grade CGMS

Josh McGinty

As a 14 year old kid, I may not be a very good example of this, but I want to try to bring
some nostalgia back to my generation. Fallout Boy was a famous band in the early 2000s and
they broke up in 2009. The Xbox 360 came out 18 years ago. Doesn’t feel that long ago right?
Minecraft came out 12 years ago. I know that all the kids have some memories of that game.
2016 was seven years ago with Vine videos, bottle flips, and dabbing trends. These all feel
like forever ago, right?

But you must remember that we have to look toward the future too. The past does not
have to be a long time ago. The past is yesterday and the future is tomorrow and from personal
experience, don’t look forward or back, look where we are now, the present. Take a moment to
reflect on what we have accomplished in the world or as individuals. We have gone to
the moon; we have gone under our seas. Maybe you finally lost those 20 pounds you’ve been
talking about or finally learned that dance on TikTok. Look at the places we will go, like
Mars and maybe even more.

But ask yourself, what can you do now? Even though you didn’t do it in the past doesn’t mean you can’t do it today.

— Josh McGinty

Right now is the time to achieve the goals you have been putting off. Everyone
has dreams and goals they want to reach, so let’s do it together. If you can’t do it on your
own, then get someone to hold your hand and help you.

My point in the matter is that you can’t live in the past or the future; you need to like the
here and now and live for the present. If you don’t like the present, it may be time to change the game.