Michael Hawkins, III, 8th Grade Leland Middle School

Michael Hawkins, III


A see a flicker in the night

Drifting beyond my touch

It pulls me so

My soul and mind

Its bright white light

My words cannot describe its beauty

It can not be held down or known by words

I can only say that it is something

That gives me hope

Hope that there are somethings in this universe that are still a mystery

The mystery of something out there that is not categorized or known

Beauty lies in mystery and the unknowing

It stems from people’s imaginations

Yearning to seek something

Something else, away from all the others

It sparks their passion, gives them purpose

And something can be more than material it can be a thought

A thought that could change the world

A thought that can give you comfort

Something can also become someone

Someone who could fan the flame that is life

And make something that is new

              You see how wonderful this word is, it makes people think of what it could be

Can be

Will be

And maybe someday something will become nothing

But until someday comes try to be someone new

Search for something new

Because everything and everyone will have there someday