Ups and Downs  

Hilsyn Hardy, Anisa Henry , Leland Middle School


At Leland Middle School, our new principal Mr.Black has taken it upon himself to brighten the year by helping students get their grades up. After interviewing a few teachers and students, we think that Mr.Black is making a big change. Listed below are some ideas and advice about core zero.




What are some tips?

Is it difficult maintaining grades?

No, but balancing academic and social status are a must.

-Mr.Herder, Math teacher


What are the expectations?

Depending on the student(s) the grades will vary, but the teachers want the kids to ask for help, stay focused and strive for success.

-Summarized by numerous teachers


Why did you choose this activity?

Seeing students not putting in effort and wanting to help them.

-Ms.Cleary, assistant principal


Do you think students’ grades have improved?

Yes, when there is better administration and the students have a better support system which could lead to the students getting better grades.

1. Work hard

2. Don’t give up

3. Achieve personal goals

-Ms. Waddell, music teacher


Do you think this is going to help students improve?

Yes, the students did improve and it did help their grades and attitudes improve as well.

-Ms, Cleary, assistant principal