Above and Beyond Flaverney

Malia Flaverney, 6th Grade Leland Middle School

Malia Flaverney

Above and Beyond

Just beyond the riverbank, with the rocky path beside it. 

Just beyond the pond with the frogs croaking to each other. 

Just beyond the meadows with the verdant abloom.

Just beyond the great evergreen were the birds sing to one another.

Just beyond the mountains were the mountain goats cry out to each other.

Just beyond the cooling brisk breeze flowing through the air.

Just beyond the warm sun rays shining from the heavens above.

Just beyond the pond of fishes swimming with one another.

Just beyond cotton clouds making funny shapes in the sky.

And just beyond the sun saying goodbye, and where the frogs stop croaking, the birds stop singing, the mountain goats stop crying, the sun rays stop shining, and the brisk breeze stops flowing.