Michael Hawkins, 8th Grade Leland Middle School

Michael Hawkins, III

 I say goodnight to the moon, the stars, the troubles of life,

Lie in my bed, waiting for the gift of sleep,

It comes in a flash, here and gone. 

I wake up; it’s early.

The sun is now up, giving light to my little word

But I still remember what happened in that infinitesimal second of sleep.

It felt like hours! 

I dreamt of flight, the dream that my body was as nimble as a bird and light as a feather.

I dream of soaring above the pearly white clouds I see from the ground every day.

Oh, it was wonderful, the feeling of unlatching from the expectations and limits of reality.

I could fly with the birds going nowhere, just drifting on the endless plain of air.

But, I suddenly feel heavy. I start to touch the clouds and see as they rise above me.

I then feel a tug, and whoosh I am dragged back down to the cold hard ground.

It feels like an anchor has been tied to my waist, and I cannot escape.

I see as the moon starts to crash into the horizon. Right before I hit the ground,

I wake up back in this world where my feet are glued to the ground.

But I will forever remember what it was like to fly,

To have the gift of endless flight