Michael H., 8th Grade Leland Middle School

Michael H.

                                                                 The tingle in your spine

                                  The rush of adrenaline in you body that make you feel alive

                                    madness it brings not knowing what to do or where to go

                                        Suddenly over run with the urge to face it head on 

                                     But wait, you are gasping for air, your lungs betray you

                                        Shallow breaths follow, the sensation to run away

                                      Drowning you is seas of regret for not moving sooner 

                                          Your body grows cold, colder than ever before

                                                Though a pulse is there you feel dead

                                                  Unable to escape the feeling of fear

              As it grips you, you feel it seep into your bones as they almost become like paper

                                                      Crushed by the smallest weight

                                        But this feeling is natural it comes and goes

                                             Everyone is inept at controlling their’s

                             For this feeling has been embedded within you all your life