Alice in Wonderland Play

Makayla Procter, 9th Grade, BCECHS

Makayla Procter

On May 4 the theater club will be performing the play Alice in wonderland. I am here to give you an insider’s perspective as a cast member. We have a big theater family all thanks to President Dallas Russ and vice president Kaitlyn Cooper. 


Theater has a lot of help from other clubs such as craft club and art club. The craft club is making our costumes and the art club is helping with our props.There will be two puppets one for the Cheshire cat played by Gabrielle Okun and the caterpillar who is played by Jasmen Abdinperry. The puppet idea came from the whole group deciding if we wanted to stick with costumes or go on the more creative side and use puppets. The art club is helping the backstage crew with the props and you can see some of these pictures on the theater facebook and instagram page. If it wasn’t for help from others there would be no show to put on. Another big part of our theater family is the president and vice president and the members of the club. It takes a lot to put on a show. I’ve started to realize that more and more since I first joined the cast. It takes a lot of time, money, dedication, teamwork, and more just to start to get the play together. 


The art club, craft club, and theater club are working together to get the play finished,The backstage crew is working together to get the play finished as well. Our backstage members consist of Phala Lupton, Annabell Welch, Taylor Strickland Macy Aull, Rye Marlowe, and IZaya Harden.They work on our props, help the actors when wanting to go over lines, make sure the costumes are the right fit, have stage ready, and converse with the leader to ensure everything is going smoothly. 


 We first started to choose our play for this year by sending in ideas. Then we all voted from the top three which led to a big reveal of Alice in Wonderland. After we had our play selected, auditions were the next task. The cast could have either auditioned in person or sent a video online. After the cast was announced we got our scripts and started to do read-throughs to memorize our lines.

We have a wonderful cast put together including Makayla Procter who plays Alice, Jade Scadura who plays the white rabbit and the Duchess, Emily Byrd who plays Dormouse, Gabrielle Okun who plays The Cheshire cat, Wallace Sevier who plays the Mad Hatter, Luke Westbrook who plays the March Hare, Jasmen AbdinPerry who plays the Caterpillar, Kaitlyn Cooper who plays the Red Queen, Dallas Russ who plays Alice’s elder sister, Leigha Barnhill who plays tweedledum,Mya Brown who plays the cook and the Mock Turtle, Jay Jones who is the king of hearts and Frogfoot man, Treazure GrissettI who plays a flower and Fishfoot man, Kaitlyn Malpass who plays the knave of hearts and a rose, Kai Mullins who plays Tweedledee and the knight, and Levi Spencer who plays Humpty Dumpty. I would also like to give a big appreciation to our backstage crew because they are the people who control everything behind the scenes and make sure that the actors have everything that they need. Without them we would not have any props or sets for our characters.